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The Varying Factors Of Substance Abuse

Many start drug addiction treatment with hospitalization that includes time to detox from drugs. At this point, drug replacement with products like methadone could occur for those addicted to substances like heroin or some people use outpatient clinics for this. Drug rehab or alcohol rehab treatment in hospitals can last a week or two, several months, or a year, depending on treatment plan, patient’s ability to pay, and other factors. These programs can be life-saving for people who are unable to quit on their own.

When patients finish drug or alcohol rehab treatment in hospitals, they typically continue to work with counselors or other professionals on the outside and will have a counselor and/or attend approved group meetings. It is difficult to end addiction alone, and in some cases it is physically unsafe to quit the use of a drug cold turkey without medical support. Those wanting to end a drug problem are strongly advised to look at available options and determine what would best help, and also to seek the advice of a physician to decide what is safest. As already stated, most recovering addicts use a combination of methods, since one drug addiction treatment alone may not be adequate.

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