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All patients who have been at Cedars for a full week are eligible for visitors during there stay with the following guidelines:

  1. Visitors must pre-register by completing the form on the Cedars website or by contacting their loved one’s counsellor
  2. Visitors must be fully vaccinated against Covid -19
  3. Visitors will be welcome at Cedars on Sundays from 1:30 – 4:00 pm.
  4. Visitors are limited to immediate family only. Each must have a signed release of information (ROI) on file prior to visiting day
  5. Exceptions may be made to the immediate family policy on an individual basis, and only as indicated by the patient’s counsellor and the Clinical team prior to visiting day.
  6. All visitors must sign in upon admission at the Lecture Hall
  7. All visitors must sign a Visitors agreement documentation.
  8. No outside food is to be brought in by visitors. All items brought in by visitors will be handed to Cedars staff in the Lecture Hall and will be given to the patient only after it has been searched by Cedars staff.
  9. There shall be no visiting in walking trails or areas not monitored by staff.
  10. Visiting is restricted to resident’s lodge that they reside in on the main level of the house, the dining room, the lecture hall, and outside in the designated areas monitored by staff.
  11. We ask that all visitors not enter the bedrooms, the only exception is small children if they need reassurance about where their parent is staying.
  12. Visitors will not be allowed at any other time during treatment except in extraordinary circumstances, and only when approved by the treatment team.
  13. Family pets are permitted during visiting hours, but only outside the facilities buildings. Pets must be on a leash at all times, and their owners are responsible for picking up after them.
  14. Visitors are not permitted to take photographs of anyone other than their loved one due to confidentiality.


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