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Voices of Recovery: A Journey of Transformation

Recovery is a dynamic growth process that takes us on a journey of transformation. The process of recovery can start by attending residential addiction treatment in Cobble Hill, BC. Recovery is a journey that enables us to embrace our authentic selves, where we allow our humanity to guide us, where we become connected with our fellows, our spiritual sustenance and our own unique stories. The recovery journey fosters integrity and character building thereby allowing us to create lives that are worth living! We are no longer captured by our addiction, driven by our fears, shame or insecurities.

By allowing ourselves to become aligned with the creative, dynamic, life enhancing power that created us, we no longer need to fight. By surrendering we are liberated. By letting go we are reconnected with our purpose in life and we invite our authentic selves to emerge. Recovery from disordered eating, drug, alcohol and process addictions equals moving out of the dark, the destructive, the diminishing into the creative and life enhancing path of recovery.

Recovery is inclusive, all one needs is willingness. Willingness to be uncomfortable, to consider the possibility that one’s perceptions are skewed from the grips of addiction, that what you believe to be true may in fact an illusion. Willingness to allow the staff at Cedars and others to support, mentor and guide you, and to consider the possibility that one is worth of love and belonging. Willingness to face the ugly parts of one’s addiction, willingness to feel the pain of our losses and disappointments. Ultimately it is a willingness to believe in and surrender to a power greater, to trust in the process, to trust that life was designed for us to thrive, and to facilitate and support us on our journey of recovery.

Our Residential Addiction Treatment Centre

Specializing in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, Cedars at Cobble Hill also provide treatment for other process addictions including eating disorders and gambling.