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We Addicts Poem

We Addicts – A Poem

We Addicts

We float above our bodies
or drag ourselves behind
we can run away completely
self-made confines in our minds

our lungs are filled with tears
they told us not to cry
we live a walking death
don’t even have to die

whatever you can call us
we’ve told ourselves before
tenfold in hate and number
and then a thousand more

you agonize, we slip insane
in madness, inner lies
but we’re dying to explain
our endless begging, why?

Please know that we are sorry
we know that we’ve messed up
believe that we are trying
please, please don’t give us up

to delve inside, we cower
to try, must boldly dare
and trust that life can flower
in even land so bare

we pray to be the lucky ones
to wash away our hell
to soothe the scathings, scars, and burns
and have a chance to tell

 our loved ones that we love them
our lovers that we tried
old friends that we are sorry
devotions never cried.

 So, my dear and fellow addicts
all this to say I’m not sure what
just, well, if you get a chance
dear god, take the chance you’ve got
~ Regan S.

 Regan Spencer is a writer, filmmaker, recovery advocate, and person in long term recovery. She currently resides a town called Hope (and yes, she loves the metaphor) in Idaho, USA, where she is preparing to take her life and her recovery on the road in a converted van. Obsessed with wildflowers, roads that curve, and smiling at strangers, she is always looking for the next adventure and another good story. Regan would love to share her journey with everyone who’s interested at or @ReganSpencerWriter on Instagram, and she welcomes anyone with a desire to reach out to continue the conversation with an email to The primary purpose of her work is to help engage and connect people because, despite her stubbornness, life has convinced her we can’t recover alone.