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What Do You Do In Recovery When You No Longer Do What You Did In Addiction?

Creating new recovery habits is integral to a full recovery. An individual suffering from addiction or substance abuse may need to learn an entire new way of being in the world. This new way of life requires new habits and rituals. Implementing spiritual principles and practices in recovery from addiction can be a simple way to create these new habits.  In recovery from addiction each day of the week offers an opportunity to focus on a particular practice. Here are some simple suggestions, provided by Greg D. The chaplain at Cedars at Cobble Hill, about cultivating a spiritual practice to support a healthy recovery lifestyle. 

For Prayer – This can be done by oneself or as part of a community of like-minded people. The Big Book of AA offers ideas and examples.

For Meditation – Quiet time with focus on simplicity is all that is required

For Moderation – Reflecting on how much is enough in all aspects of my life.

For Giving – Where can I be generous in line with my beliefs and hopes for this world and the people in it?

For Appreciation of Nature – A walk, time in the garden, looking at the stars allowing our sense to experience our environment.

For the Arts, Music & Literature – Getting in touch with the expressions of beauty, spirituality and wonder.

For Reconciliation – Who do we need to have conscious contact with? Could it be family or friends? We take the initiative.

These seven practices create the opportunity for us to have a new sensitivity to the life within us and around us and can complement any program of recovery to heal from addiction.

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