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Who Needs Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

We all have good days and bad, our strengths and weaknesses. We indulge, go too far, and make mistakes. It is what makes us human, the ability to then thus learn from our errors, and grow as people. However when transgression rules our life, when we assault our own reasoning beyond functionality, it goes beyond moderation and simple imperfection. Sometimes we need outside help, we need to be educated, we need to be told that what we are doing is not okay, no matter how much we rationalize the behavior as temporary or sustainable within our own minds.

The definition of rehabilitation is “to restore to good health or useful life, as through therapy and education.” However things are never this simple, and never that easy. Defining when someone requires drug and or alcohol rehab is an endless grey area. But one thing is for certain, rehab can work, and can get results.  Alcoholism and addiction do not have to own another day. A proper framework, a goal, a clear path through murky times.

When we start having more bad days than good, it essential for our own personal well-being, or the well-being of the ones we love, to ask some tough questions in hoping to find some crucial answers.  There is simply no shame in seeking professional help to end to cycle of addiction.