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Youth Addiction Treatment British Columbia

Youth Addiction Treatment Options in British Columbia

These days experimenting with alcohol and drugs during teenage years is not only common, but even considered an acceptable rite of passage. While casually trying alcohol or drugs doesn’t always lead to harm, it can have serious results, particularly for youth. There are programs specifically created for youth addiction treatment in British Columbia because the impacts of prolonged substance abuse and addiction can be catastrophic because of the effects on cognitive and neurological development, physical and mental health and overall social functioning, not to mention the risk of serious injury or death. With so much at stake in a time of critical development, early intervention and seeking help for substance abuse early on is absolutely critical for our youth.

As a parent, your natural instinct is to always put your children first. But did you know that substance abuse and addiction amongst teens can have major impacts on the family system as a whole? What that means is that this experience has likely had a lasting and harmful impact on you too. To bring both your family and yourself back into a healthy state, family involvement in the addiction recovery process is highly recommended.

At Cedars, our family-oriented Discovery Program was created with this purpose in mind – to support families faced with drug and alcohol addiction in finding recovery together. To learn more about this educational and therapeutic retreat visit Cedars Discovery Program.

When it comes to treating substance use disorders, youth have completely different needs from adults. Because of the distinct patterns of youth substance abuse, as well as the general challenges of adolescence, it’s important to find treatment that can address these differences. The wide array of recovery options can often leave youth and their families both frustrated and confused. But there is hope. From residential services that include long-term treatment plans, to community-based services that include more flexible programs – there are many residential addiction treatment and recovery programs and services throughout the province of British Columbia.

Here are some of the treatment programs and services specifically targeted for youth suffering from addiction and substance abuse or mental health issues in British Columbia by region:


  • Axis Family Resources – Youth specific day treatment and short term safe housing
  • Freedom Quest Regional Youth Services – Youth specific day treatment
  • Osprey Place – Residential treatment funded by Youth Justice


  • Nechako Treatment Centre – Youth specific residential treatment

 Fraser Valley

  • PCRS – ASTRA Program – Intensive day treatment for youth
  • Pacific Community Resource Society – Day treatment program and aftercare for youth
  • Last Door Recovery Society – Long-term supportive recovery for young males aged 14 to 18

Vancouver Coastal

  • Watari Counselling and Support Services – Day treatment program for youth
  • PLEA Community Services – Supported recovery services where priority is given to youth 16 and under
  • Pacific Youth and Family Services, Peak House Vancouver – Specialized residential treatment for youth
  • Urban Native Youth Association, Young Bears Lodge – Residential treatment for ages 13 to 18
  • Waypoint Addiction Treatment Centre for Boys – Surrey – Residential services funded by Youth Justice
  • Daughters and Sisters Treatment Program for Girls – Residential services funded by Youth Justice
  • ‘Am’ut, Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver – Residential services funded by Youth Justice

Vancouver Island

  • Hope House – Male only residential drug and alcohol recovery and treatment program for youth
  • Tillicum Aboriginal Friendship Centre – Short-term youth shelter
  • Her way Home Victoria – Safe house for women of all ages with a variety of support programs

Of the five health authorities across the province, each also offer many community-based services that include a range of options from counselling, outreach, mental health and addiction resources, drop-in and education specifically targeted towards youth, including many that are free. Reach out to your local health authority to learn more about these services.

Cedars at Cobble hills is an adult residential addiction treatment centre located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Typically the patient population at Cedars is 19+ however, the possibility does exist to apply for exception from the Vancouver Island Health Authority to admit, on occasion, youth looking for addiction treatment who are 18 years of age. The process to obtain this exemption for youth substance abusers includes supporting documents from legal guardians, as well as a medical professional, stating that they are in agreement for the need for treatment for this individual. An interview process is conducted to review the individual’s level of willingness and maturity to ensure Cedars at Cobble Hill is the best fit for that individual. At Cedars at Cobble Hill our goal is always to support the best treatment outcomes for all individuals suffering from addiction. The admissions team at Cedars can provide recommendations to other Youth Treatment Options in British Columbia in the event another facility is more suitable.

For a full comprehensive list of youth specific treatment options in British Columbia, check out A Review of Youth Substance Use Services in B.C.  published in May 2016.

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